Q. How often should I paint the outside of my house?

A. There's no easy answer to this question as there are many contributing factors towards how long paint lasts. Darker colors will fade. Poorly prepared surfaces will, crack and peel. Older weathered wood won't hold paint like new wood. Southern exposures won't last as long as northern exposures. These as well as the quality of paint used on past jobs are all contributing factors. The best answer is to paint before it's really very bad. The majority of the time spent on exterior painting is in surface preparation, sanding, patching etc. If you paint every 4-6 years, there will be less time spent on the prep work than if you paint every 10-15 years. It's also wise to touch-up the problem areas such as south facing window sills as often as every one to two years. Maintaining your paint Job will not only keep your home always looking it's best, it will also reduce the risk of dry-rot, termites and other costly problems that come from neglect.

Q. I'm getting a few estimates for having my house painted. Can you tell me why the prices vary so much for the same job?

A. This topic could cover several, pages, but the simple answer is not all painters do the same type of job. If you were to get your car painted you would find prices ranging from $99.99 to several thousands of dollars. House painting is quite similar. There are many, different levels of quality & service available, however, it's very difficult to know exactly what you will be getting. Assuming all your estimates are from reputable licensed and insured contractors, the major difference in prices are often directly related to the amount of surface preparation your painter will perform before the paint is applied - Surface preparation, when done right is very detailed and time consuming work which can take as much as 75% of the time required for the entire job - Since much of the IS prep work gets covered up once the surface 'is painted, this is the area where many painters can and will cut comers.- it is simple math to understand that if painters can out the amount of time spent on your job, they can offer you a lower price. 11' you are dealing with a painter which you know nothing about, make sure you get a detailed list in writing of what he 'is going to do for you rather than making your decision based on a price written on the back of a business card.

Q. What color should I paint my home's exterior?

A. Color is a matter of taste, however, there are two rules we like to recommend.

  • Pick colors which are best suited for your style of home. if you have a Cape Code style home, Northwestern colors will look better than Spanish Colonial style colors and vice versa.
  • Since dark colours fade faster than light and mid tone colours, we suggest you keep these to a minimum. Dark colours are best as accent tones on shutters, doors, etc.